Fetch Eyewear

A few months ago, I met my friend for coffee, and as we chatted and caught up, I kept thinking that something was different (her hair? Her lipstick?) but I couldn’t quite place it. She looked so fresh and pretty, so I finally asked her if she had switched her skincare regime, and she pointed to her glasses.… Read More

Are You a Snuggler?

A few years ago, I had some friends visiting who were dating, and one early morning as I got up to pee, I snuck passed the guest room and saw them sleeping — completely and totally curled into each other, like two tiny puppies. They were both sound asleep, and even though they had a Queen size bed to stretch… Read More

Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bars

A month or so ago, Kevin took off on an epic camping adventure. I opted out (no running water, gah), so instead, I baked him something hearty and filling. While he prepared his gear, I tried my hand at granola bars. It couldn’t be too complicated, right? Well, the recipe was labor intensive and annoying, with steps that involved… Read More

Comforting Career Advice

Here’s some truth: Recently, I’ve felt kind of sad and uninspired by my career. I look at 3 Chairs and think, “this is so stupid and lame, bleh.” It’s an awful, sinking feeling (3C is my baby!) but I just can’t stop comparing myself to the people in my field of work who have made it, and wonder why I’m… Read More