Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bars

A month or so ago, Kevin took off on an epic camping adventure. I opted out (no running water, gah), so instead, I baked him something hearty and filling. While he prepared his gear, I tried my hand at granola bars. It couldn’t be too complicated, right? Well, the recipe was labor intensive and annoying, with steps that involved… Read More

Comforting Career Advice

Here’s some truth: Recently, I’ve felt kind of sad and uninspired by my career. I look at 3 Chairs and think, “this is so stupid and lame, bleh.” It’s an awful, sinking feeling (3C is my baby!) but I just can’t stop comparing myself to the people in my field of work who have made it, and wonder why I’m… Read More


How was everyone’s week? The past few weekends have been pretty busy (Luau’s! New York City!), so I’m excited to just relax and shoot the shit with my main squeeze. Some links for you… A touching story of the beauty routines inside nursing homes. Who knew: the correct way to reheat pasta. Things organized neatly. Animals caught off… Read More

Uncharacteristic Wanderlust

Weird. This morning I woke up the itch to just pick up and go somewhere, which is totally not something that happens to me (I’m okay, Mom!). If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that I’ve been a homebody since the day I was, well, born at home. This uncharacteristic wanderlust is so new, it’s fun daydreaming… Read More