Hello! How was everyone’s week? I am attempting my first-ever DIY project this weekend, and MAN do I feel crafty. I also have plans to watch Oprah in bed. Yes I said it. Some links from around the web… Your daily dose of cute. Treating myself to this milk bath soak — how good does that look?… Read More

Fetch Eyewear

A few months ago, I met my friend for coffee, and as we chatted and caught up, I kept thinking that something was different (her hair? Her lipstick?) but I couldn’t quite place it. She looked so fresh and pretty, so I finally asked her if she had switched her skincare regime, and she pointed to her glasses.… Read More

Are You a Snuggler?

A few years ago, I had some friends visiting who were dating, and one early morning as I got up to pee, I snuck passed the guest room and saw them sleeping — completely and totally curled into each other, like two tiny puppies. They were both sound asleep, and even though they had a Queen size bed to stretch… Read More