A Great App

Two nights ago, I discovered the meditation app “Headspace.” I’ve toyed with meditation over the years — always feeling so grounded and refreshed after, but I’ve never stuck with it. The app, coined the “gym membership for the mind,” starts with ten sessions, each ten minutes, to do every day. I’ve done only two, but I’m already… Read More

8 Favorite Podcasts to Listen to in the Car

(Or on a plane, or train…or sitting in your house being very still and doing absolutely nothing after this weekend). I think we can all agree that listening to a story that holds your attention makes traveling (or cleaning) muuuucccch more enjoyable. Below, I’ve rounded up my eight favorite podcasts — some funny, some wise, some… Read More


Hello, friends! How was your week? Are you off to Friendsgiving gatherings this weekend? We plan to take it easy (I’m making this — NOM!!!!). Also, thank you all for your very, very sweet comments on this post. I was so touched. Some links… Hats off to this impressive and adorable DIY. Pink sheets. Obama looks good… Read More

What Books Do You Re-Read?

I’ve made an effort recently to add reading back to my everyday list of Things I Can Do Instead of Look at My Phone. It’s bad enough that it has slipped off that list, and after a prolonged period of guilt and self-afflicted scolding (You’re a writer! You know better, Joy!), I’ve picked myself up and… Read More