8 Favorite Podcasts to Listen to in the Car

(Or on a plane, or train…or sitting in your house being very still and doing absolutely nothing after this weekend). I think we can all agree that listening to a story that holds your attention makes traveling (or cleaning) muuuucccch more enjoyable. Below, I’ve rounded up my eight favorite podcasts — some funny, some wise, some… Read More


Hello, friends! How was your week? Are you off to Friendsgiving gatherings this weekend? We plan to take it easy (I’m making this — NOM!!!!). Also, thank you all for your very, very sweet comments on this post. I was so touched. Some links… Hats off to this impressive and adorable DIY. Pink sheets. Obama looks good… Read More

What Books Do You Re-Read?

I’ve made an effort recently to add reading back to my everyday list of Things I Can Do Instead of Look at My Phone. It’s bad enough that it has slipped off that list, and after a prolonged period of guilt and self-afflicted scolding (You’re a writer! You know better, Joy!), I’ve picked myself up and… Read More