A Crazy Clever Tip for the Best Mac & Cheese

This tip is courtesy of the ever-useful internet, via The Kitchn. 100 points if you can guess it… The next time you make Mac & Cheese (which should be in your near future, riiiight?), boil your pasta in milk. Doing so ensures that you get the creamiest, richest results, since the pasta absorbs some of the liquid, and… Read More

What’s Your Signature Scent?

We’ve talked about perfume before, but I’d like to ask you guys: what’s your signature scent? In high school, I wore the original and heady Marc Jacobs perfume, in college I spritzed my hair with Jasmine, and since then, I’ve worn Kai’s lovely and intoxicating perfume oil, rubbed into my wrists. Recently, I’ve been itching for a… Read More


Hi guys! Sorry for the late link post — this weekend, Kevin and I moved into our new place! We keep saying that it already feels so much like home, which I think is a good thing : ) Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. Some links, as always… This new app will rate… Read More


And just like that, it’s Saturday again. Today I’m actually headed to a baby shower, and I’m bringing these. Who doesn’t love a pig in a blanket, dipped in some warm honey mustard sauce? I hope you guys are having wonderful weekends. For anyone in the mood to go to the movies — I saw The Martian… Read More

Do You Make Weekend Plans?

Now that it’s Friday, I thought I’d ask the question: do you plan your weekends? The “link roundup” — aka posting a list of cool links and sharing your weekend plans — is a steady trend on lifestyle blogs (guilty), and I’m always impressed by how productive and fun-filled everyone’s plans are. Shit, I often think, I… Read More