Friends! Another week, done and gone. I feel like I’m hurtling through these short days. The other night I mindlessly started chopping onions for dinner and only realized after we sat down to eat that it was barely five o-clock. Aneeway, the next week is going to be a big one, with last minute Christmas… Read More

A Laughing Break

On this dragging and nondescript Wednesday, I’d like to ask: what is one thing that always makes you laugh? Without fail, the website Reductress has me cracking up and often buckling over, with article titles like, “5 Fun Conversation Starters for the Fake phone Call You Make on Your Walk Home Alone” and “How to Pretend… Read More


Happy weekend, my friends! What are your planz? Today, I’m doing some Christmas shopping from my couch, lol, and tonight we’re having Joanna (of Jo Knows fame) and her hubby over for pizza and games. It’s also been freakishly warm here, so I’ve been very uncharacteristically looking forward to jogs outside. Hope you’re having a nice… Read More

A Great App

Two nights ago, I discovered the meditation app “Headspace.” I’ve toyed with meditation over the years — always feeling so grounded and refreshed after, but I’ve never stuck with it. The app, coined the “gym membership for the mind,” starts with ten sessions, each ten minutes, to do every day. I’ve done only two, but I’m already… Read More