Guys! We’re halfway through January, the most anticlimactic month of the year! Do you have fun plans lined up for this weekend? Kevin and I are going to see the Revenant, and I CANNOT wait. Some links to browse… Just what you need to hear today. How to host a party and not lose your mind.… Read More

Sucker for Polka Dots.

Years and years ago, I popped into a Forever21 and found a blue polka dot dress. It was perfect: hitting right above the knee, cinched at the waist, buttons down the front…totally one of those freak finds where I spotted it right away and just knew. I wore it to death — all through college… Read More


Hi peeps! It’s a rainy Sunday, and I’m finally back on my feet again after a few days stuck in bed. It feels good to tidy up and do a load of laundry, so that’s saying something, ha. Hope you’re all enjoying yourselves this weekend! Some links… This simple test tells you how long you… Read More

A Note

There was one morning recently, when Kevin woke up first, and I joined him downstairs shortly after. We drank coffee at the dinner table, talking sleepily about our day. Kevin left for work, I opened my laptop to begin mine. The sun lit up the field of cat tails outside our kitchen window; it was gorgeous. Juniper snored… Read More

To My Readers

Greetings from the other side of the holidays! Whew. During my time off last week, I thought about 3 Chairs in 2016. I’m currently brainstorming some web design updates (recipe archive, anyone?!) but I also thought a lot about content and posts…which brings me to the following: I’d love to know, if you feel inclined… Read More