Weeknight Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here’s a scenario that happens pretty much every night: I’m a little tired and craving something sweet, but the cranberry trail mix in our pantry isn’t cutting it. So, the other evening, I finally took action, and after some quick cookie research I’m pleased to introduce to the world: A half-batch, very easy cookie recipe that yields the richest and… Read More


Hi peeps! I hope everyone had a great week. We’re just about through with February, thank god, and I’m so stoked that spring is only 21 days away. Kevin took off for a bachelor weekend in California (complete with surfing and meatball subs), so I’m having a girl’s weekend of my own (complete with margaritas and Downton… Read More

A Little Mantra

The other day, I walked by a mom leading her wobbly toddler down a series of steep steps, and as I passed, I heard a little whimper-y sound — it clearly took a lot of focus and determination to get his little legs safely down the steps. And then the mother said simply, “One step… Read More

The Secret Trick to Finding Affordable, Long Lasting Jewelry

I love gold jewelry, and I think there’s nothing prettier than a simple gold necklace against a bare neck. Over the years, I’ve picked up affordable pieces of jewelry (waiting in line at Madewell, finding a pretty piece on Etsy, etc) but I’ve noticed something: some of the pieces I buy quickly tarnish, leaving that dreaded green line on… Read More

How to Host a Stress-Free Weeknight Dinner Party

Nothing is better than having close friends over for some food and good conversation, especially mid-week, when you need a little pick-me-up. Also true: nothing is worse than having a bad day, realizing you’ve invited friends over for dinner, and wanting nothing more than a slice of to-go pepperoni pizza in complete silence. A surefire way… Read More