Rainy Monday

It’s a rainy, chilly Monday. Juni is playing with her squeaky toy while I do work on my computer. When I took her out this morning, I couldn’t help but snap a bunch of pics — with the mossy stone walls and overgrown ivy, my neighborhood looks just like the English country side on these cloudy, wet… Read More


Hi friends. How was your week? I think daylight savings really through me for a loop– I just felt all wiggly and out of sorts. I’m excited to take some beach walks this weekend, and tomorrow, I’m taking Juniper to a birthday party — her best pal, Zephyr (a black lab), is turning two. Lol, I… Read More

Gorgeous Dresses

My friend believes in investing in one amazing dress every summer, and with my Florida trip coming up — I’m on board. Recently, I stumbled on this shop, and HOLY SMOKES look at these dresses!!!! They’re pushing my budget, that’s for sure, but I have a feeling I’ll end up in one all summer long. Which one would… Read More

A Tip for Everyday Fights

Here’s something that I’ve learned with time: the key to being in a happy, healthy relationship is learning how to navigate life in all of its glorious shittiness as a team. One key player in the shitty factory? Everyday fights. You know the ones —  they pop up unannounced, like a chin zit, and threaten to ruin your whole day. In… Read More

Four Random Things

Hello friends. Checking in on this sunny Tuesday — how are you? I am working on a few longer posts, but for now, I thought we’d just catch up… First up, this short film, via Sho & Tell, called “Sum.” I’m been thinking recently about the elasticity of time, how it can feel both fickle and fleeting one… Read More