Gorgeous Dresses

My friend believes in investing in one amazing dress every summer, and with my Florida trip coming up — I’m on board. Recently, I stumbled on this shop, and HOLY SMOKES look at these dresses!!!! They’re pushing my budget, that’s for sure, but I have a feeling I’ll end up in one all summer long. Which one would… Read More

A Tip for Everyday Fights

Here’s something that I’ve learned with time: the key to being in a happy, healthy relationship is learning how to navigate life in all of its glorious shittiness as a team. One key player in the shitty factory? Everyday fights. You know the ones —  they pop up unannounced, like a chin zit, and threaten to ruin your whole day. In… Read More

Four Random Things

Hello friends. Checking in on this sunny Tuesday — how are you? I am working on a few longer posts, but for now, I thought we’d just catch up… First up, this short film, via Sho & Tell, called “Sum.” I’m been thinking recently about the elasticity of time, how it can feel both fickle and fleeting one… Read More

Weeknight Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here’s a scenario that happens pretty much every night: I’m a little tired and craving something sweet, but the cranberry trail mix in our pantry isn’t cutting it. So, the other evening, I finally took action, and after some quick cookie research I’m pleased to introduce to the world: A half-batch, very easy cookie recipe that yields the richest and… Read More


Hi peeps! I hope everyone had a great week. We’re just about through with February, thank god, and I’m so stoked that spring is only 21 days away. Kevin took off for a bachelor weekend in California (complete with surfing and meatball subs), so I’m having a girl’s weekend of my own (complete with margaritas and Downton… Read More

A Little Mantra

The other day, I walked by a mom leading her wobbly toddler down a series of steep steps, and as I passed, I heard a little whimper-y sound — it clearly took a lot of focus and determination to get his little legs safely down the steps. And then the mother said simply, “One step… Read More