Hi friends! How was your week? Have anything fun planned for the weekend? Kevin and I are going to be getting chicks soon (!!) and I can’t wait. Some links to browse…XO 7 questions to ask yourself at the end of every day. Screenplay dialogue, broken down by gender. Girl talk: Do any of you… Read More

My New Obsession: Scary Podcasts

I am a total wuss when it comes to anything remotely scary, but for some inexplicable reason, I’ve been hooked on the spooky podcast, This is Criminal. It’s not scary in the WHAT’S-BEHIND-THAT-CLOSET-DOOR sense, it’s more psychologically suspenseful like those crime mysteries on 20/20. Basically, I can listen to them home alone at night while folding… Read More

Our Trip to Florida

Last week, Kevin and I left chilly Cape Cod for a vacation in Florida. I had been eagerly looking forward to this trip since we booked it, so come 4am on Tuesday morning, I actually sprung out of bed. (Initially, we were a little worried that booking an April vacation would mean leaving a sunny and… Read More

On Trying Something New

Last week, instead of doing my regular workout routine, I switched things up and tried my first Bikram yoga class. Info online had said to hydrate like crazy throughout the day, and to bring a beach towel along with a yoga mat to class. I showed up fifteen minutes early to fill out a waiver form,… Read More


Hey hey! How are you guys? This week flew by, and now it’s crunch time, since Kevin and I are taking off for Florida early next week. It’s supposed to be super shitty weather on the Cape, so we’re extra excited to escape for some rays and daiquiris. Also, we may venture into Miami one… Read More

Beautiful Leather Bags

Holy cow! I just discovered an Etsy shop (via Ex-presso) that sells the most beautiful leather bags. They’re currently having their spring sale, and it’s very, very, very tempting.       Such pretty colors. For under $80, they’re definitely a steal. See all their bags here.