Happy Birthday, Mama

I’ve talked about my mom on the blog from the very beginning, and today is her birthday. She’s turning 39, just like last year and the year before ūüėČ Three fun facts about my mom: –Her name is Keiko (pronounced Cake-o) but we all call her¬†Kakes Wakes. –She can expertly wiggle just her pinky toe… Read More


Guys! We’re halfway through January, the most anticlimactic month of the year! Do you have fun plans lined up for this weekend? Kevin and I are going to see the Revenant, and I CANNOT¬†wait. Some links to browse… Just what you need to hear today. How to host a party and not lose your mind.… Read More

Sucker for Polka Dots.

Years and years ago, I popped into a Forever21 and found a blue polka dot dress. It was perfect: hitting right above the knee, cinched at the waist, buttons down the front…totally one of those freak finds where I spotted it right away and just knew. I wore it to death — all through college… Read More


Hi peeps! It’s a rainy Sunday, and I’m finally back on my feet again after a few days stuck in bed. It feels good to tidy up and do a load of laundry, so that’s saying something, ha. Hope you’re all enjoying yourselves this weekend! Some links… This simple test tells you how long you… Read More

A Note

There was one morning recently, when¬†Kevin woke up first, and I joined him downstairs shortly after. We drank coffee at the dinner table, talking sleepily about our day. Kevin left for work, I opened my laptop to begin mine. The sun¬†lit up the field of cat tails outside our kitchen window;¬†it was gorgeous. Juniper snored… Read More