How to Make the Best Salads at Home

Salads are always better at a restaurant, right? Well, now that I work at one, I’ve picked up a few insider tips. Starting with… 1. Properly drying the greens. This first step is so important. We use an industrial-sized salad spinner (read: giant), and we don’t stop until the lettuce is COMPLETELY dry. Bonus: it’s usually my arm work… Read More

A New Dinner Ritual

So…..I’m not religious, but recently, I’ve started a little dinner ritual. Every night, before eating, I say a prayer. Basically, I take a moment to reflect; I’ll usually mention one thing that I’m grateful for or want to remember from that day (good fish tacos, a conversation with my mom, a beautiful full moon), and then I’ll… Read More

On Career Moves

For the past year, I’ve been working mainly from home, patching together a few freelance gigs. I’m a true homebody (exhibit a, exhibit b, exhibit c), and I loved the coziness and flexibility. And then, this spring, I hit a wall. I began to feel really isolated and lonely, and dreaded each day as they came, another one spent at home,… Read More

Hi and Hello!

HI READERS!!!! I’m back! We have so much to catch up on — I don’t know where to start. HOW ARE YOU? Are you enjoying summer? There have been some changes around here recently and after trying to cram it all into one post I decided to just start with a hello, and follow with more good… Read More


This week flew by, didn’t it? We are on the final countdown to summer crazies over here, and everyone seems to be bracing themselves for Memorial Day weekend. I’m already thinking about the banana pancakes I’m going to make tomorrow morning, and I may even get around to painting my toes. 🙂 Hope you have a… Read More


Hey! How was everyone’s week? It’s FINALLY warming up here and it feels so good to be out in the sun. Kevin and I might go hiking this weekend, which I think just means walking for a long time with a backpack? (Once a city girl, always a city girl, ha). Hope you have some fun… Read More