Friends! What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun? I want to fit in some girl time, and a long walk with Juni, but other than that, I’m playing it by ear. Hope you have a great one! Some links to browse… Would you move to Maine? 36 women on heartbreak. Super thick and… Read More


Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to? With a few deadlines coming up and clouds in the forecast, I’m pulling a “catch-up” weekend. I also have plans to watch this movie in bed– it’s been getting great reviews. Some links to browse… Gym versus gin. Really great advice. Just ordered this pretty blouse for… Read More

Breaking News: Zucchini Noodles are Actually Good

Have you tried zucchini noodles? Up until recently, I assumed they were a hoax. Any internet sensation claiming a vegetable is “as good as real pasta” rarely holds my attention. But then, one day not long ago, I was browsing HomeGoods and stumbled on this tiny little zoodle maker — you just stick a zucchini in and twist, almost like… Read More


What are you up to this summer weekend? It’s been hot and really muggy here, so first thing tomorrow I’m jumping in the ocean. Despite its downfalls, the Cape never lets me down on a cool ocean dip — and for that I am grateful! Hope you have some fun summery plans in store. Some links to… Read More

How to Make the Best Salads at Home

Salads are always better at a restaurant, right? Well, now that I work at one, I’ve picked up a few insider tips. Starting with… 1. Properly drying the greens. This first step is so important. We use an industrial-sized salad spinner (read: giant), and we don’t stop until the lettuce is COMPLETELY dry. Bonus: it’s usually my arm work… Read More

A New Dinner Ritual

So…..I’m not religious, but recently, I’ve started a little dinner ritual. Every night, before eating, I say a prayer. Basically, I take a moment to reflect; I’ll usually mention one thing that I’m grateful for or want to remember from that day (good fish tacos, a conversation with my mom, a beautiful full moon), and then I’ll… Read More