A Hug.

I’m hoping these words may offer a moment of respite, no matter how brief… Allow yourself, especially today, to feel angry, confused, heartbroken, gobsmacked. “Today is not a good day,” texted my friend, Sarita. It is the shittiest, saddest day. It is despair, and utter disappointment. The sun is not shining. Even Kevin, unfalteringly positive Kevin, was in… Read More


Hey guys :). Who else is super relieved it’s the weekend? With this colder, rainy weather I have been feeling l-a-z-y and plan on taking as many baths as possible. Hope you have a good one! Also, I had every intention of dressing up as a white walker for Halloween…until my laziness overcame me, haha. Anyone have… Read More

Trying Something New…

YOU GUYS. Raise your hand if you reach for the same damn pair of jeans and comfy sweater every freakin’ day. In an effort to stave off the closet crankies (just made that up), I’ve been trying to only buy things I absolutely LOVE and plan on wearing later that day. I pass on everything else. I would… Read More

The Power of Self Encouragement

I keep thinking about something recently: why is it so easy for me to stick to some daily routines (coffee, checking Instagram, brushing my teeth), while it’s nearly impossible for me to stick to others? (Exercise, I’m looking at you). Of course, I enjoy drinking coffee and don’t particularly like exercising, but I’m so curious if there’s… Read More