Hi! My name is Joy. I was born at home on the Upper West Side in NYC, and left the city 18 years later to attend Beloit College in the Midwest. After graduating with a creative writing degree, I moved back to Manhattan, where I answered the phone and filed papers for a candle company. Feeling cramped from the city, I picked up and headed for Cape Cod, where I adopted my dog, Juniper, learned to drive, and started 3 Chairs. I have written for Food52 (see my articles here), and I was an editorial intern for the lifestyle blog, A Cup of Jo. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Joy! Your blog is so lovely.. I stumbled upon it by a link from exPress-o and have had so much fun browsing through your posts.. Your stories are so inspiring… thank you for sharing your passions!

  2. Hey Joy – I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but just wanted to share that I love it. I always feel really welcome and always enjoy the great mix of personal, useful, funny posts. XO

  3. Hi!

    I want to subscribe to you posts; but I don’t see where that might be.

    I’ll try the option listed under the “Comment” box.

  4. Hi Joy – I’m a long time reader, first time commenter.
    Lately, I’ve loved hearing about your transition (back to) NYC. I left almost a year ago and have been itching to return to the city. When that happens, I’d love to meet you – you have a warm genuine writing voice and I often find myself nodding along to, and bookmarking your posts/links. XO from Milwaukee 🙂 – Neha

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