The Truth About Being 24 And Grocery Shopping

This morning, I went grocery shopping. I needed milk and eggs and ground beef and laundry detergent and blah blah blah. As I waited (patiently, in line) at the deli counter for some thick cut pancetta (for this!) I absent-mindedly read the ingredients on the back of some whole wheat pita bread. When I looked up, a woman with… Read More

Are You Influenced By Your Town’s Fashion Style?

Recently, I’ve been dying to put on a pair of heels. Not wedges, not high heeled booties, but a pair of true stilettos. (When I was two years old, my mom turned to my dad and said, “that’s it, I can’t take her to shoe stores anymore. She throws a tantrum because she wants all the shoes.”)… Read More

Local Treasure: Found Bread

If you’ve stopped by the farmer’s market in Falmouth on Thursdays, then you may have already picked up one of Sarah’s country boules from her small batch bakery, Found Bread. It’s become a legend in town because truly good bread is hard to come by here, and because, well, nothing is better than homemade bread smeared with butter and paired with… Read More