A Year with Juniper

Exactly a year ago today, I brought Juniper home from the shelter. She was quiet, tentative and in desperate need of a mama. This dog is something special — she can be both the most graceful, agile beast and the biggest baby. Having her has been endless entertainment, and so much rewarding work. I’ve surprised myself with some… Read More

Why I Write

When I was seven, I started my first journal — It was a tiny blue hardcover diary with a lock. I remember being constantly annoyed that it wasn’t bigger and that the itty pages filled up so quickly. Inside were my observations, “Going to Rachel’s and saw there was a big fire above Famiglia’s Pizza. All the windows… Read More

On Confidence

Being your own boss is exhausting. Freelance writing is exhausting. Being broke is exhausting. The unpredictability of it all is starting to wear me down, and this morning, all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed. This article about how to become more confident is great — I read it and immediately felt compelled… Read More

24 (+Birthday Shoes)

Tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating my 24th birthday. I can’t wait to just hang out with my friends, my boyfriend, and of course, Juniper. Growing up, I always wanted to be older. My mom has called me a “40 year old stuck in a 20 year old’s body” and it’s absolutely true — in high school, I went… Read More

Why I Watch The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette is fascinating. I’ve been watching it since high school and I’d like to say that I watch it ironically, but that would be a lie. I realize it’s all a sick, delusional joke, this idea that competing for someone’s “love” will result in a happy, fulfilled marriage, but what’s not a joke, I think,… Read More