A Pep Talk

Anyone else riding the post-holidays struggle bus? It’s bitter cold in NYC, I’m feeling discouraged that we have so much of winter ahead, and my mind has been racing about the future. Who else needs a little kick-in-the-ass-pep-talk from no-bull-shitter Jen Sincero of You are a Badass? It never ceases to amaze me the precious… Read More

Restaurant Guide: Upper West Side and Harlem

I’m excited to launch my New York City restaurant guide! Over time, I’ll be covering neighborhoods across NYC, and I’m stoked for the hard work ahead :). First up is Harlem and the Upper West Side, where I spent the first 18 years of my life. Let’s dig in! Upper West Side Celeste is easy… Read More

An Insider Tip for Movie Lovers

This weekend, while schmoozing at a holiday party, I was sharing my disbelief that movie tickets in NYC now cost around $17 and often have assigned seatings when the person next to me bellowed, with great enthusiasm, GET THE MOVIE PASS APP!!!!  This is the third person in the last week to rave about the app,… Read More

Life Lately

How are you doing these days? What’s new? It’s all of a sudden the holidays (and sofa-king cold, as my friend Natalie texted). Kevin jokes that I’m the grinch of every holiday (it’s true but don’t ever tell him I admit that), but I actually really enjoy Christmas. There’s something about the twinkly lights and… Read More

“Own Your Worry”

Do you subscribe to the New York Times wellness newsletter? I highly recommend it. Recently, it linked to an article about how to be happy. While it seems like every other article these days is about happiness, part it caught my eye: Telling yourself “I have to stop thinking about this,” only makes you think… Read More