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How Are You? (Really?)

Hey guys! I wanted to check in. I’ve shared some life updates, but have stayed pretty surface-y for the most part. And then I was thinking about how I always want to know more when I read blogs, so I figured, why not. Here’s what’s really going on… I moved back to NYC, as you… Read More

What’s Your Go-To Cheap and Quick Dinner?

When you’re tight for cash, or you just dropped your grocery money on a pair of gorgeous shoes — what do you make for dinner? My go-to is (no surprise here): pasta. But, from time to time, I’ll switch it up. In the colder months, I’ll make black bean soup and top it with avocado,… Read More

A Pep Talk

Anyone else riding the post-holidays struggle bus? It’s bitter cold in NYC, I’m feeling discouraged that we have so much of winter ahead, and my mind has been racing about the future. Who else needs a little kick-in-the-ass-pep-talk from no-bull-shitter Jen Sincero of You are a Badass? It never ceases to amaze me the precious… Read More

Restaurant Guide: Upper West Side and Harlem

I’m excited to launch my New York City restaurant guide! Over time, I’ll be covering neighborhoods across NYC, and I’m stoked for the hard work ahead :). First up is Harlem and the Upper West Side, where I spent the first 18 years of my life. Let’s dig in! Upper West Side Celeste is easy… Read More