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Things That Make Sense

There is one question that always stumps me on personality tests, and it is: Do you consider yourself a clean or messy person?  My initial thought is: clean. I hang up my towel after I shower. I rearrange the couch pillows if they look slumpy. I vacuum the dog hair out of my car every Sunday.… Read More

Insanely Good Strawberry Milk

The other day, I cracked open a can of coconut milk for my morning oatmeal (you have to try that if you haven’t), and then randomly decided to freeze some of it in an ice cube tray. A few days later, I popped out a few cubes of frozen coconut milk and added it to my morning smoothie.… Read More

Book Recommendations?

I’m going on vacation next week, and all I plan to do is read on the beach. (I’m sorry, that is such an obnoxious sentence). I have a terrible habit of only finishing books about 20% of the time (also reading the last page, busted…) so I’m looking for something that I can’t put down. Books I’ve… Read More

Homemade Frozen Yogurt With The Best Topping

Even though it’s frigid out these days, I’ve been in the mood for cool, refreshing desserts after dinner. Lemon sorbet is about as summery as it gets, but I devoured a container last week and didn’t think twice. And then, while perusing Serious Eats this weekend, I stumbled on this article about homemade frozen yogurt and became… Read More