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Weird Question: How Often Do You Think About Death?

I remember being as young as 7 or 8, sitting at the bus stop after school, or doodling on the weekends, and thinking about death. I wondered about it all the time- not just dying, but birth, and life, and what would happen after I die? Who would think these thoughts? And the future of the human race.… Read More

How to Stay in Touch With Friends

I am epically bad at keeping in touch. I don’t think it’s unusual for someone my age, but I still think it’s unacceptable. Why can’t I just stay in touch? WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT WRITING A LETTER? It’s a vicious cycle, too — if I’ve gone too long without reaching out to a friend, I… Read More

A Genius Trick for Grilling Burgers

This past weekend, my brother and I tried something new for our family BBQ: instead of grilling burgers directly on the grill like usual, we cooked them in a sturdy cast iron skillet over the fire. What resulted was one of the best, juiciest burgers I’ve ever made. And it makes sense – according to… Read More

3 Youtubers I Love

Youtube has the tendency to be a total crap shoot — you can end up spending two hours giggling at weird cat videos or trembling at grainy shark attack videos (don’t do it). There are gems, though — talented chefs and comedians and actors hidden among the “this baby was born with two heads!” videos. Either… Read More