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In the Dead of Night

Last night, instead of sleeping, I coughed. After just being sick with the stomach bug two weeks ago, I am especially not thrilled to have the world’s worst cold, and I’ve been grumpy and bedridden since Sunday (I am so sick of hanging out with myself). Despite my exhaustion, I had a revelation during my all-nighter:… Read More

15 Quick(ish) Weeknight Dinners

I look forward to cooking dinner every night; I’ll put on a podcast or listen to music and the day will start to melt away as I chop. The kitchen is a stress-free zone for me, so I like to cook meals that aren’t too complicated or fussy, but still taste like Legitimate Grown Up Meals.… Read More

11 Sweet Etsy Finds

This past weekend was lazy and uneventful, so I played a fun game where I imagined someone handed me a $500 gift certificate to Etsy. Etsy, the land of so many sweet, quirky gems (and the occasional bust). Be warned: once you start, it’s hard to stop. It’s a dangerous game! Below, some of my favorites…… Read More


Hope everyone’s off to a great weekend. I’m baking bread, and Juniper is napping in the sun. Some links from around the web… *** Hard to imagine a time when people smoked on flights. Would love to wear this top on a ladies’ night. This instagram makes me miss NYC. There’s something eerie and unsettling about… Read More