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Trader Joe’s Staples

What are your staples at Trader Joe’s? I drive the hour once a month to stock up, and while I love trying their new and limited items, I have a dozen or so things I reach for every time (often in bulk). Here are mine… Unexpected Cheddar. Basically the best cheddar in the world — it’s got hints… Read More

The Secret to Becoming Adventurous

I’m not usually big on resolutions, but for 2017, I had something in mind: tiny adventures. For those of you who read 3 Chairs regularly, you know by now that I’m a homebody, and having a routine makes me feel grounded and secure, especially on the days I’m working from my couch. BUT it’s tricky. Being… Read More


This week is dragging on, it’s almost the weekend, and I have the worst case of procrastination EVER, so let’s switch things up and explore some fun links, shall we? These dads are awesome!! Made me laugh. 20 salads that won’t leave you hungry in an hour. How to be an active ally to immigrants… Read More

What Are Your Favorite Subscription Services?

Have you noticed that there’s a subscription box service for pretty much everything these days? From bathroom supplies to dog treats to condoms — you can have all your monthly supplies at your doorstep. But I’ve always wondered if they’re worth it, or if you just end up spending more money in the long haul (and end up with more… Read More