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A Week With Mark Bittman’s New Cookbook + A Recipe

Mark Bittman’s recipes have always appealed to me. They’re practical, accessible, and super non-fussy. He doesn’t alienate you with his food talk, he pulls you in, asks you to join. He also reminds me so much of a fellow Upper West Sider that I hold a soft spot for him (if he has a car, I would… Read More

On Reading People’s Faces

If you have five minutes today, check out this article at the Atlantic. It’s so fascinating — and talks about how we perceive people to be a certain way (reliable vs unreliable, introverted vs extraverted, and so on) based on the way they hold their face. It reminds me of how, every time I’m about to… Read More

4 Tips for Online Shopping

Shopping on the Cape is well, er, limited. Let’s just say a 30-minute drive to the Gap is thrilling (and it’s a crappy Gap, huge and understocked). So, when it comes to buying new boots or nice jeans or a warm sweater, online shopping is really the only option.  My girlfriends and I complain about how much… Read More

Lena Dunham’s “Not That Kind of Girl”

I’ve had mixed feelings about Lena Dunham for awhile — I find her likable, unnervingly relatable, and occasionally, fingers-on-a-chalk-board irritating. Shh, I want to say as I watch her character on ‘Girls’ word vomit at a party, everything is okay. I didn’t have immediate plans to read her new book, but then I went home for… Read More