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Date Nights on Cape Cod

Date nights are crucial, right? Even if it’s just ordering take-out and watching a movie at home, I love calling one night a week “date night” and taking the opportunity to catch up and shoot the shit, just the two of us. Our options for going out are slim here, but getting out of the house is also… Read More

How to Add Miso to Practically Anything

Miso is one of those ingredients — either you know it and you like it, or it only exists in the form of lukewarm soup, handed to you as an appetizer in Japanese restaurants. But miso is delicious and versatile, and although it has a distinct salty flavor, it’s less of an acquired taste than, say, anchovies… Read More

Found: Beautiful Illustrations

Really, really, really digging these illustrations by a Japanese artist named Fumi Koike. Her work is simple and soothing, and I can’t stop looking at it. Some of my favorites…         I love how livable and familiar they feel. Such a good internet find (via Design Sponge). Stumble on any great art recently? Here is… Read More

Life Lately

Hello, sweet friends! How was your September? It was pretty much a blip for me — good and productive, but blip-y all the same. I blinked and it was over. October’s good too, though, right? I made an effort to document my month (as a blogger does), but when the time came to sit down to write… Read More