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An Advice Columnist to Read

I’m going to be honest here: a few weeks ago, I went through a break up. When it happened, I shrank into a deep, post-break up haze. Everything started to feel like one long crappy dream, and I had moments where I’d sit down to eat a bowl of cereal and wonder, like a drunken old man:… Read More

Zico Chocolate Coconut Water

I’m not sure that I believe coconut water is as amazingly good for you as people say, but the other day, I was wandering the drink aisle at the grocery store and noticed that there was chocolate coconut water, and it piqued my interest, so I added a few to my cart. This might have more… Read More

Walks with Juniper

There are some things about owning a dog that I wouldn’t mind changing — like the fact that I’m going to have dog hair on my black pants for the next ten years, or always be downwind of Juniper’s mega powerful dog farts. When I got her, I didn’t really think about how much time… Read More

Looking for a New Hobby

Yesterday afternoon, I was puttering around at home cleaning and reading a few pages from my book when I realized that something was completely missing from my life: a hobby. I’ve had a few before — I’ve always enjoyed drawing, knitting, and of course cooking, but I want to start something new, something a little more… Read More