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“It’s OK not to be optimistic.”

Loved this quote — such a great reminder. That’s all. “I’m not insisting that we be brimming with hope — it’s OK not to be optimistic. Buddhist teachings say, you know, feeling that you have to maintain hope can wear you out, so just be present… The biggest gift you can give is to be… Read More

My Favorite Cooking Tips and Kitchen Hacks

One of the reasons why I love cooking so much is because you’re always learning something new. You acquire new tricks, new techniques, and the good ones stick (I use these over and over and over again). I’ll pass them on to my kids one day, and they’ll pass them on too, but for now — no… Read More

The Beach in December + Juniper Attempts to Swim

Funny thing about the ocean in December: it looks enticing and welcoming and warm even though it’s 40 something degrees right now. That might not seem that bad, but try to wrap your head around this: when you’re swimming in the cool Atlantic on a hot July day, the water is in the upper 70′s. The ocean has… Read More

A Damn Good Salad.

Arugula, sliced fuji apple, hardboiled egg, almond slivers, dried cranberries, bacon, and poppy seed dressing, inspired by the dressing for this broccoli slaw (I used regular milk instead of buttermilk and added poppy seeds). Milk in dressing might freak some of you guys out. Don’t knock it till you tried it.