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My Four Go-To Fall Outfits

When I first began working from home, I would stay in my pjs all day. To walk Juniper, I would throw on an old pair of Uggs. It made me feel like I was a college student walking to class. And then, one day, my neighbor unexpectedly stopped by, and before answering the door I looked down… Read More

The Best Oatmeal (With a Secret Ingredient)

This morning, I got the random idea to add a tablespoon of coconut milk (the full-fat kind from a can) to my oatmeal, along with the usual suspects, brown sugar and cinnamon. Needless to say, it was the best decision I’ve made all week. I highly recommend it! (I already can’t wait for tomorrow morning.)

Learning As I Go

Last week was so shitty. My friend likes to say, “mercury is in retrograde!” but it was more than mercury. There were big, shitty things, and then there were small shitty things that made the big things feel shittier. At my lowest point, I was sitting on my kitchen floor, weeping over spilt bacon grease. I have… Read More

Deal Breaker: Who Gets the Good Seat?

Picture this: you’re going out to dinner with a friend, and the hostess walks you to a sweet little table for two. One seat is this plush, velvety bench up against the wall, and the other seat is this tiny, stiff, wobbly chair. Obviously, you both want the comfy option. In my last relationship, there… Read More