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An Awesome New Podcast

For podcast fans: I just discovered “In the Dark,” a series about a 27-year long investigation of an 11-year old boy who went missing in 1989. I keep describing it as Serial meets Stranger Things meets Making a Murderer, so if you liked any of those, you’ll definitely get hooked on this. They release a… Read More

The Secret to Luminous Skin

I was waiting in a long line this weekend at the airport when the woman in front of me struck up a conversation. As we were chatting about this and that, I couldn’t help but notice how ridiculously luminous and healthy her skin looked. Well, it turns out that she’s an esthetician, and she even… Read More

How Are You Feeling (Really)?

How are you feeling these days? This recent article in the New York Times really spoke to me because I’ve definitely been feeling something recently, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint it… “In psychology, people with finely tuned feelings are said to exhibit “emotional granularity.” When reading about the abuses of the Islamic State, for… Read More

How to Camp if You’re Not Sure You Like Camping

Camping is one of those things; people either love it, or they don’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. But I actually didn’t know where I stood when Kevin and I decided to go on our own little camping trip a few weeks ago — I grew up camping with my family as a kid, but… Read More