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How was everyone’s week? The past few weekends have been pretty busy (Luau’s! New York City!), so I’m excited to just relax and shoot the shit with my main squeeze. Some links for you… A touching story of the beauty routines inside nursing homes. Who knew: the correct way to reheat pasta. Things organized neatly. Animals caught off… Read More

9 Affordable Fall Pieces Under $40

It’s amazing how one small change, like a suede hat or pretty cuff, can bring new life to your wardrobe and make you feel completely rejuvenated. …Did I just say that? I’m feeling so uninspired and blah by my closet these days, but today brought along a crisp breeze, and now I can’t wait to pick out a few… Read More

Jo Knows: A New Advice Column

One of my closest friends, Joanna, gives the BEST advice. Half the time I wish I was recording her, and most of the time I will write it down the second I get home. She just gets it. Well! I am thrilled to announce that she will be doing an advice column for 3 Chairs. Email in questions about anything on your… Read More

Uncharacteristic Wanderlust

Weird. This morning I woke up the itch to just pick up and go somewhere, which is totally not something that happens to me (I’m okay, Mom!). If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that I’ve been a homebody since the day I was, well, born at home. This uncharacteristic wanderlust is so new, it’s fun daydreaming… Read More