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Happy Thanksgiving (+ Links!)

Hey guys! I wanted to drop in and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and cozy weekend. I am on the Cape with my family and there are cheesy potatoes baking as we speak. I also wanted to say that I am so, so grateful for all of you — I started 3 Chairs a few… Read More

On Long-Distance Relationships

Since I moved back to New York, Kevin and I are now officially in a long distance relationship. What are you guys going to do, a lot of people have asked, wide-eyed, as if we were signing up for an Iron Man. We’re new to the game with a lot still to navigate, but we’re finding… Read More

10 Ways to Turn a Pack of Chicken Thighs into Dinner

Oh, chicken thigh, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. You are the work house of weeknight dinners. You show up, you know the drill, you are stubbornly delicious. Plus, you’re affordable. And widely available. Here are 10 ways to make dinner with a pack of humble chicken thighs… Pizza chicken (!)… Read More

Life Lately

I saw my friend Jessica last weekend, and she now has the exact same haircut as Baby from Dirty Dancing. As we walked through Central Park with the sun shining, I couldn’t help but snap a pic. I mean, look at those ringlets! WATCHING I’ve been loving Bon Appetit’s Youtube series with test kitchen manager,… Read More