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This week flew by, didn’t it? We are on the final countdown to summer crazies over here, and everyone seems to be bracing themselves for Memorial Day weekend. I’m already thinking about the banana pancakes I’m going to make tomorrow morning, and I may even get around to painting my toes. Hope you have a good… Read More

Beautiful Relationship Insight

There is a piece of age-old advice that lingers in magazines and among women-to-women chats. To keep the mystery alive, it goes, don’t pee in front of each other. Before Kevin and I had even moved in together, I had peed in front of him. Oh well, I thought, there goes mystery. I relayed this to my mom… Read More

A Great New Restaurant in Town

This past weekend, a new restaurant opened in Woods Hole. It’s been the talk of the town for months now — especially among locals who are dying for a change. We were counting down the days. The restaurant, which sits next to the draw bridge and looks out onto the water, has an old-school, Mystic Connecticut kind of… Read More


Hey! How was everyone’s week? It’s FINALLY warming up here and it feels so good to be out in the sun. Kevin and I might go hiking this weekend, which I think just means walking for a long time with a backpack? (Once a city girl, always a city girl, ha). Hope you have some fun… Read More