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The Really Weird Beauty Tip I Swear By

I’ve been *blessed* with skin that manages to be oily at the same time that it manages to be dry and flaky. I have NO IDEA how it pulls it off, but it does — lucky me. Back in high school, a kind Sephora lady convinced me that what I needed to find was a good… Read More


What are you up to this summer weekend? It’s been hot and really muggy here, so first thing tomorrow I’m jumping in the ocean. Despite its downfalls, the Cape never lets me down on a cool ocean dip — and for that I am grateful! Hope you have some fun summery plans in store. Some links to… Read More

Found! The Perfect White Jeans

I have ordered three pairs of white jeans in my life. Total pairs of white jeans I have owned: zero. Last summer, I gave up on finding a pair and decided to face the bleak reality that I for so long refused to acknowledge: white jeans just didn’t work on me.  BUT THEN! The other day, aimlessly… Read More

How to Make the Best Salads at Home

Salads are always better at a restaurant, right? Well, now that I work at one, I’ve picked up a few insider tips. Starting with… 1. Properly drying the greens. This first step is so important. We use an industrial-sized salad spinner (read: giant), and we don’t stop until the lettuce is COMPLETELY dry. Bonus: it’s usually my arm work… Read More