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Be Safe.

This weekend is a big one, with thousand of marches and protests happening around the country (this is awesome). I’ll be joining the Women’s March in NYC, but I’m proud to know my small town on Cape Cod will be uniting forces tomorrow as well. For anyone raising their fists in the next few days, please be safe and… Read More

A Winter Dinner Party Idea

Now that we’re in the thick of winter, it’s easy to hibernate and rain check dinner parties to another night — the night I’m not in my pjs by 5:30pm (it never happens). I am the sleepiest, crankiest winter hermit, and I end up going days without socializing. IT’S NOT GOOD. So, I started brainstorming ideas the other night and came… Read More

Do This One Thing, Feel Instantly Better

For the amount of time I spend mindlessly skimming my Instagram feed, I realized: it was kind of bumming me out. There’s this perverse need to follow people we envy, whose lives look more glamorous than ours, even if it brings us down every time we scroll by their photos. But why??? Just recently, I started… Read More


Hey guys! Here are some links for your day off lounging and never getting out of pjs. Hope you’re all doing swell and successfully avoiding that winter cold that has its death grip on practically everyone and won’t let go. Big hug! This is a little, tiny bit better. Bring these to your next get… Read More